I hope all of you are staying healthy and safe. What a crazy time this is. In remembering 9/11, I hope to see an abundance of flags waving as we persevere and get through this, together.

As of today, financial help is on the way for many Americans. A stimulus package has been passed and soon checks will be arriving in the mail. That money could be used for many things. Mortgage, groceries, healthcare, childcare, & emergency savings all come to mind. Need to work on a budget? Here’s a link to our favorite financial expert, Dave Ramsey!

Some of you may be tempted to have a little fun with this check. Maybe you’ve been eyeing a 60in plasma on Amazon? New shoes? Maaaaaaaybe a new car!?

Don’t. Buy. A. Car. 

Ok, do buy a car. Heck, buy one from us! But do not use this stimulus check to buy a new car RIGHT NOW just because you want a new car. Wait. If you don’t need that cash, it will still be in your pocket when this is all over. 

If you have a vehicle that currently gets you from point A to point B and back again, please save this money for something else.

If you need a vehicle, give us a call. You may need to purchase a vehicle right now if:
  • it is damaged beyond repair
  • it is unsafe beyond repair
  • it has been stolen and not recovered

Don’t buy into the hype of 0% financing. Don’t wake up when this is all over with a new monthly payment. If money is burning a hole in your pocket right now, please find a local business and order some takeout, buy a gift card to use at a later date, & leave an extravagant tip if you are able.  

Stay healthy, stay safe, stay home!